NE Green

Bringing green building products to New England

A division of Conwell Ace, NE Green stocks and special orders products that meet Green Building and LEED® guidelines.  Green products offer you sustainable choices that protect your health and the environment.  When building his LEED®-H Platinum certified house, founder Jeff Rogers discovered green building products and resources were not readily available in New England.  NE Green was built to serve the needs of this expanding market.

Our promise

We are happy to research new products for you and acquire them on your behalf. NE Green works with you on your green project needs, large and small. Please stop by to see our showroom, give us a call or email Jeff.  We also give house tours of the Platinum LEED®-H home that Jeff Rogers built to those with an interest in using the products in home building and renovation.

See a selection of our products below or visit NE Green’s website

Green Building Resources

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